A website in memory of Aisling O'Regan (1991 - 2011)

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The Aisling Charitable Trust has been created in memory of Aisling Ursula O'Regan who passed away on Friday 23 December 2011 (aged 20)

We feel that Aisling would not have wanted us to focus funds on Cystic Fibrosis itself but on something positive for the young and old.

Donations are gratefully accepted and to be used for various projects to encourage young talent and older people.

Depending on funds raised current plans include:

  • Song Writing Workshop for young people (at St Edmunds College)
  • encouraging young musical talent
  • a Memorial Bench for walkers to rest at St Johns' Pelham (with the kind permission of Maj. Ted Barclay) 

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Aisling O'Regan (1991-2011)

Aisling O'Regan 

Furneux Pelham, United Kingdom

Battling with Cystic Fibrosis and hoping for a double lung transplant click to find out more about Aisling

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