Eulogy written by Abbey Hider (Bridesmaid to be) - 6 Jan 2012

"Life does not throw at you things that you are unable to handle" was a quote that I repeated to my friend in her final months. Aisling not only handled what was thrown at her, but she managed to maintain a positive state of mind and a fantastic sense of humour at the same time. With a courage that only she could demonstrate, Aisling looked to the future and her marriage to Chris, which everyone was looking forward to. Her intelligence and spark went into everything she did - particularly (in my opinion), her writing, which I regularly told her could provide her with a career in itself.

I wanted to mention a few of Aisling's characteristics which I thought may go unmentioned at her funeral, but were important nonetheless.

She was extremely level headed, modest, a good driver, a thinker, completely open about everything, brilliantly funny, she pushed herself to the limits, regularly physically exhausting herself (with my help). She was considerate, kind, positive, ambitious, faithful, enthusiastic and in addition to all of this, she had the ability to give the worst evil look I have ever seen in my life, (I experienced this the first time I met her when I made the mistake of asking if she had the cough that was going around).

Above all I would like to thank Aisling's family for moulding her into the person that she became, and for providing me with a fantastic, courageous, mature and wise friend who I had the pleasure of spending many years with. It has been an honour to have known her, and she will be greatly missed, but I know that a part of her lives on in me and in everyone who knew her.